Troubleshooting common Brother HL-L2321D Printer errors

Brother is a very famous multinational electronic company headquartered in Japan. This company is globally known for manufacturing printers. Brother manufactures printers with good specifications. You can find a good Brother printer for your home use as well as for businesses. But there are few common issues that are reported by lots of Brother printer users. Most of the errors on the Brother printer can be resolved manually.

Brother printer not available

This is one of the most common issues faced by many printer users. When you get the error, check whether your Brother printer is powered on or not. Press the power button and make sure the power lamp is glowing. Now check the connection. If you have connected the printer via USB cable then make sure that your cable is working properly. For wireless printing, check the WPS pin. Restart the Wi-Fi button on your Brother printer and the WPS pin on the router. Wait until the Brother printer makes a connection with the PC.

Cannot Detect

Cannot detect error occur when the printer is unable to ink cartridge. This error can appear when your cartridge is not installed on the printer properly. It can happen when the user forgets to remove the protective tapes from the contact pins. Remove the cartridge from your Brother printer and check for the protective tapes and clips. After removing all the tapes, check whether the contact pins of the cartridge are touching the printer or not.

Some people also get this issue when they are using third-party cartridges. These cartridges may not fit into the Brother printer correctly. You should not use a third-party cartridge as it can ruin the print-quality and can also damage the printer. Install an original cartridge on your printer and now check for the error.

Unable to Print 30

Error 30 is a mechanical malfunction error that mostly appears due to paper jamming. While taking a printout, a piece of paper gets stuck inside the printer and causes the jam. Whenever you see printer error 30, you should immediately check for the paper jam. Open your Brother printer and remove the cartridge. Now check for the paper chunk and other junk inside the printer. After cleaning the printer, reinstall the cartridge on the printer and now check whether your Brother printer error 30 gets resolved or not.

Unable to change Brother printer password

Whenever you connect the Brother printer to the network, you should always change the Default Brother printer password immediately. If not then anyone can use your printer. Follow the given steps to change the password using BRADMIN:

1. Go to Bradman and click on your printer

2. Type the password (default password)

3. Hit the Control tab

4. Choose the Change Password option

5. Now enter a new password for your Brother printer

6. Hit the OK button

Again hit the OK button and now the password of your Brother printer is changed. You can also change the password with your web browser:

1. Connect your Brother printer using the browser

2. Go to the Network configuration page

3. Type the default password

4. Now click on Change Password

Enter a new password for your Brother printer. Hit the Confirm button and now you can access the Brother printer with your new password.

Unable to Print 50

Brother print 50 error appears when the fuser of your printer gets damaged. This can also occur when the fuser gets too hot while printing. When you see the print 50 error then turn off the printer for about 8-10 minutes. Wait until the fuser cools down and then restart the printer. Now give the print command and check whether the fuser starts working or not. In case the fuser gets damaged due to overheating then you have to replace it. Get a new fuser for your Brother printer and then check for the error.

Unable to Print 51

Brother printer error 51 error occurs due to the error on the printer driver. Go to the Brother printer driver and check for a new update. If a new update is available for your printer driver model then install it immediately. Sometimes the user deletes the driver files mistakenly or the driver gets corrupted due to the malware infection. If your Brother printer driver gets corrupted then you have to reinstall it. Visit the Brother website and reinstall the printer driver. Now restart your PC to apply the changes and give a print command to the Brother printer.

Replace Toner

Replace toner error messages appear when your ink cartridge is about to get empty. You may be able to take printout while getting this error message. But you will get the faded printouts. Whenever you get the replace toner warning message, you should immediately replace the ink cartridge. Install the Brother cartridge and take the printouts reliably.